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«1C-Bitrix» is a leading developer of corporate portals and web projects management systems. «1C-Bitrix» is a partner of a network of more than 7,000 companies.

«1C-Bitrix»    /   Edition consists of 4 modules.

First site

Start your business online: create online office, online business card or other small "easy" website - with minimal impact on the hosting.

«1C-Bitrix»    /   Edition consists of 13 modules.


Manage your content professionally: create pages and sections, publish news, articles, catalogs, distribute access rights to the site.

«1C-Bitrix»    /   Edition consists of 21 modules.


Create interactive sites: communicate with visitors in forums and blogs, conduct surveys, organize community photo gallery and send a mailing to subscribers.

«1C-Bitrix»    /   Edition consists of 35 modules.


Everything you need to create a modern portal for media technological foundation for the development of an information portal with their social network and communities.

«1C-Bitrix»    /   Edition consists of 26 modules. Basic online shop.

Small business

Open your own online shop with minimal cost. Put any number of items in the catalog, manage discounts and delivery. Integrate your shop with "1C" and "Yandex Market."

«1C-Bitrix»    /   Edition consists of 44 modules. Advanced online shop.


More than an online shop. Extend your website: manage the sales of goods, services, electronic content, automate order processing, integrate your shop with "1C", maintain partner network, estimate the cost of advertising and build community.


1C-Bitrix: Enterprise

A platform for creating large-scale online projects. Designed for companies that are ready to maximize the potential of their business in e-commerce. Includes an advanced set of features, incredible flexibility and scalability, as well as enhanced support for 1C-Bitrix.

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